11 October 2019

Cadman Capital Group an alternative investing firm, announced the acquisition of Coates & Morgan Limited (C&M). C&M has a long and successful history in the shooting market as the owner of Northampton Gun Co. and Gun Shop Rugby, located in Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, respectively.

The C&M deal comes as the Cadman Capital Group seeks to further execute on its acquisition strategy and add portfolio companies to Cadman Sporting Limited, which is increasing its market share in UK retail, specifically within the sports shooting and country wear markets.

C&M is the 53rd company under the Cadman Capital Group umbrella, which includes high-end brands in food & beverage, real estate, retail, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

“Adding Coates & Morgan to our portfolio is an excellent opportunity for the Cadman Capital Group as we continue to create value and gain market share in UK retail. As a well-run business, C&M is the ideal partner for us as we add to our portfolio and offer attractive opportunities to our investor base,” said Stephen Bayliss, Investment Director at Cadman Capital.

“Partnering with the Cadman Capital Group is an exciting opportunity for Coates & Morgan as we seek to build off our 40 years of success in the shooting market. Cadman’s business management experience, led by Giles Cadman, is a tremendous asset that we look forward to leveraging. We are delighted to join the Cadman family of businesses,” said David Morgan of Coates & Morgan.