The Cadman Capital Group is a multinational private equity group specialising in alternative investments for high net worth individuals, including fine wine and property sectors, and sustainable ventures such as aquaculture.

Our business model facilitates clients to build diversified portfolios in these asset classes, which typically have a low correlation to major indices. The Group also holds companies in the retail sector - in fine wine, footwear and clothing - in both the UK and the USA.

The Group currently encompasses 28 companies sectored into four Divisions:



The Cadman Capital Group’s Corporate Division encompasses companies that hold and manage all of the businesses within the Group.

It is a top-level management division that is essential for the workings of the Group’s companies, dealing with issues such as: investment management; identifying venture opportunities including due diligence; legal work and compliance; delivering high quality customer service to investment clients; operational functionality; a crowdfunding platform, and internal and external communications.