We have a track record of investing in a group of cohesive, complementary companies, operating in the manufacturing, aquaculture, real estate, retail and leisure markets.

Aquaculture, Food & Beverages

Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries

An established and sustainable commercial enterprise located in the BVI, offering a ground-breaking new approach to lobster farming.


Marine Biotech

Leading creators of marine biotechnology within the aquaculture industry.


Ocean On Land Technology

One of the world’s leading developers of industry-specific commercial aquaculture systems.


Orkney Shellfish Hatchery

Established in 2018 to fill a supply gap in the UK oyster spat market, in 2022 Orkney Shellfish Hatchery were sold to a specialist aquaculture operator for an undisclosed fee.


Quoddy Savour Seafood

Quoddy Savour Seafood are a land-based seafood farming and processing facility located in Pennfield, New Brunswick, Eastern Canada.


The Oyster Restoration Company

The Oyster Restoration Company are making a difference in the preservation of Scotland’s native oyster habitats by restoring 150M European native oysters to their local coastlines each year.



A pioneering aquaculture venture that turns ecologically destructive sea urchins into high valued seafood, which in turn helps restore and establish the world’s dwindling kelp forests.


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