The Cadman Capital Group Property Division focuses on direct and indirect investment in UK mixed and residential property products for both qualified and non-qualified plans.

The Cadman Capital Group's Property Investment Funds (Boone Real Estate, Ardent Property Investments) focus on UK tenanted property in Northampton; a prosperous UK town, one hour from London. The Funds offer the chance to subscribe for shares in a portfolio of property selected by the Fund Manager (Cadman Capital Ltd) to combine the consistent returns available from residential properties with the higher rental yields from commercial tenanted properties.

The Property Division focuses on 5 core areas:

Fund Management: Aims to increase share values by acquisition in areas with potential for growth and stable rental yields. Properties are acquired with the aim of paying down mortgages over 10-20 years; providing increases in capital growth and reduction in debt.

Project Management: The project management team has broad experience and external consultants have worked on numerous projects with us.

Operations: The fund employs a full-time property manager to ensure all properties achieve their optimal level of occupancy and rental income.

Client Relations: Dedicated account managers provide regular updates.

Reporting: All NAVs and reports are produced by our independent administrator; licensed in the jurisdiction to provide Fund Admin Services.

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