The Cadman Ventures Division invests private equity in companies under the Group umbrella that are either deemed to have high growth potential, or which have already clearly demonstrated growth, and have the potential capacity for future development and returns.

Cadman Ventures focuses on specialist areas that run through the Group; areas of which we have in-depth knowledge and, just as importantly, are passionate about, such as high quality retail outlets and sustainable farming.

Venture opportunities are based on solid and innovative business models, aimed at profit, while also making a positive contribution to local economies, the environment and social equality. Our venture companies are based in the UK, Canada and the British Virgin Islands.


Some of our Ventures include:

Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries: a sustainable commercial farming enterprise with the goal of becoming the leading provider of quality lobsters to restaurants around the world; protecting lobster stocks; enriching our marine environment and local community, and empowering our way of life. While sustainability and social awareness underpin our approach, it’s our business model that powers the profits we need to make a difference.

Shellfish Hatchery Systems Ltd (Aquahive): specialises in hatchery development and deployment for commercial crustaceans as a support to the natural fishery or through ranching or full aquaculture. SHS is currently developing new incubator systems and cost-effective on-growing units, in addition to the revolutionary Aquahive concept. The company has identified the need for innovative design to make juvenile lobster production cost-effective, and also the training and education of managers and staff in new industry developments.

Tredders: a UK independent e-commerce footwear retailer specialising in leading brands in town and country footwear. Its rural offices and store are based in the village of Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, a county that is considered to be the home of English footwear.

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