The Cadman Capital Group operates fine wine investments either through direct purchase or through a pooled Fine Wine Fund. Since opening our doors, we've taken pride in our ability to offer the world's most select wines to our investment and retail clients. Now, more than two decades later, we're still following our passion for fine wine.

Wine Investment Portfolios

For our direct purchase route, we help clients select and purchase wines to build Wine Investment Portfolios at some of the best prices on the market through strong relationships with suppliers and market awareness.

We help clients develop a strategy for holding wines over a period, including optimal storage length and managing risk, to achieve an increase in value. This strategy negates Clients having to spend considerable time and expense in finding, evaluating, buying, storing and ultimately selling their portfolios. However, the ultimate decision of which wines to purchase and when to sell them is at the sole discretion of the Client.

Fine Wine Fund

The Cadman Capital Group’s Fine Wine Fund objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation in its wine-related assets. It is aimed at high-net-worth and sophisticated accredited investors.

The Fund seeks to obtain capital appreciation of its assets through the natural appreciation of investment-grade wine in the fine wine market and by buying and selling wine when market conditions are favourable. The Fund also makes wines available to retail affiliates to maximise the value chain and achieve higher prices.

Fine Wine Retail

The Group also operates two fine wine stores, based out of San Francisco (Golden West Wines) and the UK (Cadman Fine Wines); both long-established businesses with solid reputations, which offer retail sales delivered direct to the door.

Since 1976, Golden West Wines has specialised in selling the world's finest wines. We acquired the business in 2012 to provide US customers with the same wine by the bottle delivery service that our clients in Europe already enjoyed through Cadman Fine Wines. The Cadman Group continues to build upon the existing Golden West business, which is highly respected amongst fine wine lovers for its expertise, traditional values and kudos in securing the world’s finest wines available. Our number one concern is our customers.

Cadman Fine Wines is a UK independent fine wine merchant. Cadman's wines are intelligently sourced, and we are constantly seeking handcrafted wines from blue-chip wineries and smaller winemakers who really care about the contents of the bottle. We present customers with information and tasting notes to help them make an informed choice. Like Golden West Wines, there is no minimum order and customers may order fine wines by the bottle or case - giving them freedom of choice.

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