15 July 2020

Dr Nik Sachlikidis named Managing Director

Dr Matthew Johnston named Research and Development Director

Cadman Capital Group, a multinational alternative investment firm, today announced the appointment of Dr Nik Sachlikidis as Managing Director of its Aquaculture Division and Dr Matthew Johnston as Research and Development Director, underscoring the firm’s commitment to driving continued growth of its aquaculture businesses.

The Group’s Aquaculture Division has grown substantially in recent years and is comprised of three core businesses: Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries, a fully operational spiny lobster farm in the British Virgin Islands, Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, a multi-species shellfish hatchery, focusing primarily on the cultivation of Native European Oysters (Ostrea edulis), and Ocean On Land Technology, a developer of state-of-the art aquaculture systems.

Senior Executive Appointments

Dr Nik Sachlikidis, one of the world’s leading aquaculture and fisheries experts, brings more than 20 years of practical experience in the government and commercial fisheries and aquaculture sectors. In his role as Managing Director, he will be responsible for the implementation of the Group’s aquaculture sustainability agenda and strategy, with the development of additional aquaculture products, farms, and hatcheries as a priority.

He has previously held a range of scientific leadership roles in industry-science based partnerships focused on the development of lobster aquaculture techniques and technology and has worked in aid programs throughout South-East Asia. Dr Sachlikidis was hired by American restaurant-giant Darden to lead the build and operation of a lobster hatchery in Malaysia and was later appointed Director of Science for the group.

Dr Matthew Johnston has over two decades of global aquaculture experience. After completing his academic work, he joined MG Kallis, a leader in the Australian seafood industry. At the company’s Lobster Harvest division, he worked on diet development for both slipper and tropical spiny lobsters and also supported the growth of the company’s Southeast Asian pilot farm. Dr Johnston played a pivotal role as Lobster Harvest became the first company to solve the breeding cycle of the tropical spiny lobster and breed F1 generation lobsters. Since joining Cadman Capital Groups Aquaculture Division in 2015 Dr Johnston has worked across a number of businesses, locations, and projects.

Commenting on these appointments, Giles Cadman, Chairman of the Cadman Capital Group said: “Nik is the ideal candidate to drive our Aquaculture Division forward as we move into the next phase of our strategy. His experience, expertise and passion for aquaculture is unparalleled, and I’m excited to see how things progress in line with our vision.”

He continued: “Having Matt as part of the aquaculture team allows us to further expand our research and development commitments. His experience coupled with his incredible passion, insight and dedication to the industry is a huge part of what makes him ideal for this role and we’re looking forward to working alongside him as we continue to evolve”.