Our Industrial portfolio focuses on identifying performance-based acquisition targets within the UK SME market. The SME market offers a less competitive environment than the mid-cap market and therefore presents an excellent opportunity for purchasing undervalued assets with strong value creation potential. This means we often acquire businesses that are being sold due to owner retirement, those with unrealized performance or those with a quantifiable competitive advantage or market niche.

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We have long been concerned with the impact of the environment on sustainable food supplies, our changing climate, the growing world population and its impact on fisheries. Our portfolio includes some of the industry’s leading sustainable technology and hatchery businesses, driven by professionals at the very forefront of the industry.

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Real Estate

We focus on multi-let properties, as well as refurbishments and developments in all sectors of the industry including residential and commercial.

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Food & Beverages

Built through both start-ups and acquisition, we now operate a number of specialist, online retail wine businesses, offering direct-to-consumer services. We are also active in the English Sparkling Wine and craft beer markets.

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Within Lifestyle, we operate companies primarily focused on the country sports sector.

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