We develop individual strategies, which focus on growth, performance and maximizing profits through value creation. All of the companies we acquire are carefully selected, managed and monitored, with members of our senior team actively leading them forward, employing passion and knowledge directly, whilst working alongside the existing management teams.

Institutional-quality due diligence: Deep screening criteria to inform valuations, relying not just on financial performance, but the presence of a quantifiable competitive advantage/intrinsic value (such as a process or product or market), proven track record, and the opportunity to create additional value. Avoidance of businesses built around individuals or individual expertise ensures value endures even if the acquisition target management leaves.

Active management: Our top-level management entity optimizes the workings of the Group’s companies, adding value through cost reduction, R&D, and topline and margin enhancement.

Market Evaluation

We conduct extensive market research to determine which markets we would like to enter, or make further investments in. New markets are appraised in order to assess investment windows and to develop broader investment strategy. The continuous monitoring of our markets is a vital exercise within our business.

Longlist of Companies

We identify M&A opportunities within these markets that we believe show great future potential and profits. Work done at this stage can help identify future targets but also provide benchmarks for future activity.

Identification of Target Companies

We identify companies that provide the greatest opportunity for delivering our strategic goals. In making this assessment we consider the knowledge and abilities of our team, take into consideration their synergetic value with regards to our current portfolio and then shortlist the companies that we will target for acquisition

Full Due Diligence

Target companies are screened against our investment criteria and general suitability. Our rigorous approach to due diligence means that companies are closely aligned with the strategy we have identified. Often the requirement will be a proven track record, strong future economic prospects, and a fair valuation, in other cases opportunities to purchase well, add value or deliver growth through additional investment may drive the decision.


The legal part of the transaction is completed by our experienced external advisors. Immediately post-acquisition the management team commence the value creation process. This can take many forms, such as the appointment of key staff, marketing/sales strategy or the revision of long-term business goals.

Income Return

Income generated from the target company is deployed as determined by the strategic planning process. This could be redeployment into the target company to fuel capital growth, servicing of debt or distributed to investors to provide income returns.

Exit Plan

Investments are made on the basis of the steps set out above. The exit is pre-determined and management decisions made during the life of the investment will be focused on this goal. Exits may be triggered by floatation on a public market, sale or by refinance. At exit, investors will receive the return on their investment (ROI) representing capital appreciation.

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