Is the value of the UK packaging market.


People are employed in the UK manufacturing sector.


Of UK businesses operate in the SME space.

How we invest in the UK industrial market

All of the businesses within our Industrial portfolio present a strong balance sheet and have been profitable for a number of years. Handpicked for acquisition by our knowledgeable investment team, these businesses offer strong growth potential and long-term capital gain through further acquisition or investment in organic growth. Utilizing both our in-house experience and the knowledge of the business management teams, we aim to propel these businesses forward and capitalize on their potential.

The growth of UK SMEs

The lower mid-market space represents the most attractive investment opportunity in the UK today, as it is characterized by less competition, less intermediation and deal flow, which tends to be relationship driven. In our experience, this results in lower pricing and debt levels, and ultimately in lower volatility and higher returns.


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