Uniquely positioned to source high quality companies in attractive market segments not currently considered by larger mid-market private equity players, we focus on the $5m - $25m enterprise value space that sits above private companies, but below the radar of larger funds. Targeting established businesses with robust financials, low debt, and with the potential to build further scale over time, we bring bespoke deal structuring to execute transactions, allowing us to minimize risk exposures and maximize returns. Unlike a traditional, rigid private equity structure, we choose not to raise pools of capital to deploy over the lifecycle of a fund and instead operate on a nimble ‘deal by deal’ basis. We provide the potential for superior returns within a shorter horizon compared to traditional PE firms and target healthy double-digit annual returns, targeted over a 3-5 year time horizon. We create close communication and community with our investors, with each investor having access to their own Account Manager. This has meant that a considerable number of our investors have typically invested alongside us over multiple deals and years.

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Our Strategy

Not affected by the stock market or public company regulations, we are able to create individual value creation and operational strategies that are perfectly suited to each individual company, with the aim of increasing potential and boosting profits.

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Active Ownership

We have outright ownership of our portfolio companies, allowing us to actively manage our assets and giving us complete control of how they operate and ultimately, how they perform.

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Our Leadership Team

Driving our business and portfolio companies forward at an accelerated rate, our leadership team benefits from extensive professional knowledge of our core markets. Few investment companies of our size boast the level of experience we do.

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