14 December 2023

Cadman Capital Group are proud to share the TEDx Talk delivered by Non-Executive Chair, Giles Cadman, titled “How to Restore Marine Ecosystems and Make Profit From It.”

The talk, now available on YouTube, highlights Giles’ commitment to driving positive change through sustainable business practices. In his thought-provoking presentation, he explores the critical balance between environmental conservation and economic viability.

These insights into profitable opportunities within marine ecosystem restoration resonate deeply with Cadman Capital Group’s dedication to fostering sustainable growth.

“Giles’ TEDx Talk exemplifies our ethos at Cadman Capital Group, showcasing the potential for businesses to lead in environmental restoration while thriving economically,” said James Dinsdale, CEO of Cadman Capital Group. “We are proud to support him in his endeavours and remain committed to furthering sustainability in all aspects of our operations.”

Watch Giles Cadman’s TEDx Talk, here.