Chairman's Message

"I founded the Cadman Capital Group primarily through my love and interest in championing local businesses, travelling and exploring new markets, and bringing renewed life and vigour to established markets in areas such as property, fine wine and farming; to act in the very best interests of discerning clients, to offer them solutions and a world-class service.

"I also strongly believe in traditional values, that all businesses have a responsibility beyond profit and that we should be aware of the social and environmental impacts of the industries in which we operate; that we should act sustainably on a local level, investing in positive change to the ultimate benefit of all. I believe in transparency and integrity and setting benchmarks that make our clients feel comfortable and reassured to be with us.

"I am proud of what my multinational team has built thus far and very much look forward to a strong and successful future together with you."

Giles Cadman signature 

GILES CADMAN, Founder & Chairman